Nelon Knoll Farms | Polk County, NC
Nelon Knoll Farms
 Family Owned & Operated
Polk County, NC
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God Bless the U.S.A.
Welcome to Nelon Knoll Farms
Nelon Knoll Farms came about in the early 80's with the raising of cattle being Jerry’s “golf game”. In 2002, Jerry & wife, Robin purchased their first buffalo herd out of interest and curiosity . Since then, their love for the buffalo have opted them to increase their herd and pursue the possibility of Agritourism. Over the past 13 years the Nelon's herd has increased to about 100+/-.  Jerry loves nothing more than giving a tour and sharing his knowledge about the bison and their history. Bison are a naturally healthy meat and is economically easy to raise and maintain with adequate grazing and fresh water resources. Robin has an excitement for working with the bison by-products to produce a variety of natural alternatives to processed goods. Jerry & Robin are joined by their children and grandchildren as well, in the love of buffalo and the challenge of this endeavor. Nelon Knoll Farms is a work in progress for generations to come.